Friday, February 15, 2013

14 Ways to Make Google Love Your Blog - Infographic

Let's face it, no matter how skilled a writer you are, unless Google likes you, your hard work won't get the exposure it deserves. I hate to admit, but one thing I was very late in discovering was that simply writing a post and hitting the "publish" button isn't all there is to blogging.

Be Proactive

You must be proactive and do certain things that increase the chances of your post being found by Google. I'm constantly searching for articles and tips on how to improve my blogs in order to help search engines discover my articles. Recently, I stumbled across this infographic that does a nice job of outlining some of the things every blogger should do to improve their search engine optimization (SEO).

If you've been blogging for any length of time, some of the tips in this infographic might be familiar, but it never hurts to be reminded.

What's Your Take?

What are some of the steps you take to improve the SEO of your blog? Let me know if you think anything listed here is particularly important, or if the infographic was missing a key tip.