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13 Ways Blogging Rocks

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Need a little inspiration in your blogging career? 

Yeah, believe me - I know sometimes it can be tough to keep a blog going and keep up your enthusiasm. If you're in one of those low points and wondering if it's worth it to keep writing those posts, then the infographic below is for you.

I agree with just about everything the infographic mentions, especially the part about "continuous education". Since I created Bloggerz Tips, it's helped me learn new skills and has been a great way to explore new topics. I admit, I don't have a technical background, but simply by learning how to improve this blog, my knowledge of how the internet functions has increased dramatically.
Thanks to Marko Saric for creating this infographic and allowing me to share it here. The graphic sums up the main advantages of having a blog and some of the ways it can help you personally and professionally.

Self-hosting or Free Hosting?

I have to point out one thing, though. Marko mentions the low start-up cost of around $50 per year for a custom domain and web hosting. A lot of big-time bloggers insist that the only way to blog successfully is to pay for your own hosting and domain. I agree on the domain part. I think buying a domain for $5 to $10 per year is a great idea - even if you're using a free service like Blogger.

I use link) for all of my custom domains, and it's easy to use with a Blogger blog.

However, I don't think self-hosting is necessary for everybody. I think it depends on the type of blog you have and what your goals are. That's really  the only point that I disagree with and I can totally support everything else Marko included.

What's your take?

Have you experienced any of the benefits and rewards that Marko mentions in the infographic. What's the most important thing blogging has done for you?

  13 Reasons Why Being A Blogger Rocks [Infographic]
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